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“ A T    H O M E ”

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what's Domo?

chef-driven meals, delivered

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what is Domo?

A new concept by Chef David Falk, chef & owner of Boca, Sotto and Nada.

All experiences are take & bake family-style meals - we do 95%, you do the last 5%.
Meals are delivered in packaging that is 98% compostable & 100% recyclable.

three experiences offered

  • Weekday 911

    If your home is anything like ours, at 5pm you have that "oh S&^T!" moment... it's time to figure out dinner, again. Weekday 911 is a meal available to pre-order that changes weekly. Just place in your fridge and "break in case of emergency".

  • the Chef's Table

    A meal for our dear friends craving a dining experience on 6th & Walnut, but for a host of reasons aren't capable of joining us in our home. We bring our chef-driven passion to your doorstep with 5 meals that change seasonally.

  • Sunday Supper

    While all other experiences are designed to evolve either weekly or seasonally... this meal is inspired by Chef Falk's childhood of a Sunday supper that never changed. You can count on the notorious Sotto Lasagna meal every Sunday.